Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Distinguished Perspective's of Latest iPhone 5

Distinguished Perspective's of Latest iPhone 5The world is waiting for its first glimpse of the latest iPhone 5. Though many smart phones have been released, the iPhone has always held its own special place in the tech market. However, the date for the launch hasn’t been specified; tech enthusiasts are waiting eagerly. The expectations are high and people are anticipating new features and specifications

iPhone has ruled the Smartphone world for the past five years and has launched the fifth iPhone generation and are gearing up for the launch of the sixth generation. Today’s generation wants the latest and the fastest gadgets and Apple has been trying to cater to their needs and desires.

Distinguished Perspective's of Latest iPhone 5

The latest model is expected to have an upgrade version of the present iPhone 4s. Though Apple has not conformed any of the features, however several rumors are buzzing about the expected features.

Wide screen:

Though the iPhone 4s has a 3.5 inch screen, the latest is expected to have larger 4 inch screen. This may still be relatively small compared to the Samsung Galaxy SIII.  As the saying goes “The bigger, the better”, the new feature as the gives a better clarity to the pictures, movies and the videos.


The new iPhone is expected to have quad-core processor instead of a dual core chip. The Apple A6 processor helps to double the processing capacity. The efficiency and the capability of the phone have been doubled compared to the iPhone 4S.

SIM card and the Charging Dock:

The iPhone 5 is expected to use Nano-SIMs as they are 40% lighter and require less space. It is been rumored to use a reconfigured dock for charging as to provide space for headphone pins and a powerful battery.


It has been proposed to use 4G long term evolution. It helps to transmit more data and is faster than the existing 3G network. These are the next generation of wireless mobile networks.

Near Field Communication:

NFC allows a mobile phone to connect and share with other mobile phones in the NFC range. It helps in sharing pictures, music etc. directly when the two mobiles are placed together to catch the connection. This is a new feature which is most anticipated.

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Apple has wooed the world by launching the iPhone, and we are all waiting to experience its magic again.

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