Friday, June 29, 2012

Google introduced Tablet Nexus 7

Google introduced Tablet Nexus 7 - The Conference Google I / O 2012 at Moscone Center, San Francisco, United States, Wednesday (27/6). Google Inc. launched its first tablet computer, which is Nexus 7 is the latest smart tablet google output which is their first tablet in order to compete and also to repeat their success in the midst of a fierce rivalry with Apple Inc. By slipping the Android operating system 4.1, which is the most advanced android systems at this time because only products that have it just google it.

Nexus 7 tablet has a 7-inch screen that has been armed with the latest Android operating system they are, Jelly Bean. Surely you are not curious about the ability of the first tablet which is issued by the internet giant google it. So do not miss information about the latest news updates on this 7 tabket nexus.

Nexus 7 tablet has two models of memory storage that berdesa each other is a model of internal storage capacity of 8GB and 16GB HD resolution 1.280x800 it has also supported the four-core CPU and a graphics processor core 12. There are so many advantages that the plant in this tablet that has not been implanted in the tablet in any product.

The tablet is also buried in front of the camera and can record video with High Definition (HD) for nine hours. and weighs about video High Definition (HD) during the nine jam.Tablet can only connect via Wi-Fi also has other advantages in addition to some of the features of other excellent features that have been discussed above have had the chip technology called Near Field Communication ( NFC) for mobile payments.

Nexus 7 tablet also has other capabilities that Google Play online storage system that includes music, magazines, movies, and a number of other supporting applications. Wow .. you must feel curious and would like to know in detail the latest product from google this is their first tablet which is named Nexus 7. We look forward to the next information about this product and we will see how the public will respond and whether it is well accepted in the tablet market today.