Friday, June 29, 2012

Google Nexus Q, Media Streamer For YouTube And Google Play

Google Nexus Q, Media Streamer For YouTube And Google Play - Technology Product News - Lots of new products every day would bring new stuff in the world of technology and this latest news comes from the internet giant Google, this time presenting their latest products, namely Google Nexus Q which is the latest product from google which has a function as a streaming media to play music and videos through streaming online.

Has the form unique design is a plus for the product of a separate google google nexus times in the Q with a similar design featuring ball and google says that this is the first in the world of online streaming. What can you do in google nexus of this Q? you can do many things if you have the latest streaming from google is starting to enjoy streaming music or video from Google and YouTube Play. Nexus Q can be used as just a music player or music player and video, depending on the needs of users.

Nexus Q is connected to the internet via WiFi and stream video and music from Google's Play Store. Q Nexus will download multimedia files in a storage capacity of 16GB which serves as a cache to store it for 24 hours.

Are you interested in this latest device from google? has a unique design is the world's first tabg and use the concept of Apple TV-like device, but not like this Q google nexus that has very unique design. If you want to have it and not know the price You do not want to worry because according to reports circulating dalah around $ 299  and go on sale mid-July.