Thursday, June 28, 2012

Kurio, Special Tablets For Children Available Soon In UK

Kurio, For Children With Special Tablet Android Ice Cream Sandwich - Technology Product News - There are just today's technology. Not a gadget for adults are in production throughout the world market but the recent news that there is implied the latest gadgets in the designation for children with Ice Cream Sandwich Android system will be available in July 2012 with the name Kurio.

In the quotation from some British media and the world that Kurio has been equipped with 4GB of memory, but it also provided an additional slot for Micro SD. Kurio also been equipped with a 2MP camera and behind the camera with a resolution of 0.3 MP front specifically for the use of screen 8 inches and 9 inches.

These tablets will also be in pasangi a protector that can be used as a protector of the tablets that are not easily damaged when in use by the NII child or dropped off, but can also be protective if it is being used by adults. Of course this is a new breakthrough in the world of gadgets that specialize only in so far by the adults to enjoy it, but now there is a local vendor in the UK claim to have made a special tablet for children with Kurio name.

About the thirst to be in the official price for this gadget kids maybe you can find other references in some of the local media or any other electronics because this news was sent down till there is no clarity about the price that must be the designation for this kurio. we wait for further developments regarding the special gadget for this kurio children who will be available in the UK began in July 2012.