Thursday, July 5, 2012

New Samsung WB100 Digital Camera with 26x Optical Zoom

New Samsung WB100 Digital Camera with 26x Optical Zoom - One of the potential market for now is the digital camera market has a lot of users around the world ranging from new users to learn photography with a professional and has been working as a photographer . So far, we might only be familiar with the brand in the world of Sony or Canon digital camera because it has a good reputation in the market of digital cameras today.

During this time concentrating more samsung for making smartphones and other gadgets in the gadget market sector at the moment and rarely release their latest products from the digital camera sector because we all know if Samsung has recently released many of their latest products in the world market in the form Their latest smartphone product and the most we know is in the ranks of successful family samsung smartphone hit the world today.

Some time this samsung has announced their latest products in the UK who was named WB100 which is the latest digital cameras may not be long this will soon be released by the samsung to the international market. With the announcement that will soon allow the launch of its latest digital camera Samsung is hoping to become a competitor of that because digital has been on the market whether it be from Canon or Sony, which does have a good reputation for the digital camera sector.

Known as the WB100, the camera sports 26x optical zoom lens with ultra-wide 22.3mm angle. The 16 Megapixel camera features ISO 80-1600 sensitivity, optical image stabilization and dual digital, 3D and Photo shootings Live Panorama Mode. So will allow you to shoot an object that you want to shoot with maximum results, of course.

WB100 supports 720p HD video. It also comes with a Smart Filter and Frame features a creative magic to shoot an enjoyable experience. Because it also uses AA batteries making it easier for travelers to always carry and use it anywhere and anytime. Surely it would be a digital camera is ideal for tourists. Samsung has not announced pricing and availability.