Saturday, July 7, 2012

Samsung Galaxy Chat, Design Plus QWERTY Android OS Ice Cream Sandwich

Samsung Galaxy Chat, Design Plus QWERTY Android OS Ice Cream Sandwich - More and more smartphones are now on the market, some time ago Samsung has successfully launched its latest smartphone from the family of the galaxy hugely successful on the world market and recently introduced their latest mobile phone samsung to the public market, named samsung QWERTY chat.

                              SAMSUNG GALAXY CHAT

Samsung Galaxy Chat was introduced in July 2012 and brought the design is not like most samsung android smartphone that carries a full touchscreen QWERTY physical keyboard instead carries. we know most of samsung smartphone products that have been introduced and released in the market today carries the full touchscreen design but this time Samsung has dismissed if the time of the Android mobile phone with a QWERTY candybar design still seems to be not over.

By displaying a bold design that is 1.7 mm thick. Some of the features in the plant in the latest Samsung smartphone android is using the system include Ice Cream Sandwich Android OS 4.0 with TouchWiz UX Nature, and with 4GB of internal storage and supports microSD / SDHC up to 32GB but it also invested in 802.11b WiFi connectivity / g / n which may be useful when you are in need of additional connections.


By having an internal storage of 4GB of data on the other side of the smartphone is capable of in the Arm for 32GB of external memory that can support multiple storage of important files that you have or how many photos you have as well. So you will not worry about running out of memory space in your smartphone because so much memory that can be stored in your gadget.

To the size of images unfortunately samsung just pinning the camera in this new android smartphone with 2MP camera that may have less than the maximum picture quality compared to other android smartphone. To inforasi price tag that will be in the smartphone android is probably not too expensive and will be launched in various regions of the country in the region such as Latin America, Middle East, China, southeast Asia and southwest Asia. The price itself is still not officially announced but if you see the specifications of this smartphone will be set at a price range below $ 200.