Thursday, January 10, 2013

Get Great Deals on Gadgets at Wal-Mart Now

Wal-Mart is one of the big names, which is selling consumer electronics at large scale. It was declared as one of the largest sellers of consumer electronics back in 2009 with the total sales and revenue of $33 and $45 billion respectively. You will be amazed to know that Wal-Mart managed its extensive sales even in the period of recession. 

The basic reason behind this immense sale in the period of recession was the availability of electronic products at discounted rates. It is a fact that such products have gained the status of necessity in our lives and we use most of them in our daily life. Thus, buying such electronic devices has become an indispensable need of every individual regardless of the prevailing economic conditions.

Get Great Deals on Gadgets at Wal-Mart Now

These days, Wal-Mart is offering amazing discounts on various Apple’s products especially on iPhone. Thus, if you say that this is the holiday season for buying gadgets from Wal-Mart then it will not be wrong. People, who are looking for discounted deals on gadgets, must read this article to explore available discounts at Wal-Mart. Some of the popular great deals available on different gadgets are as follows:

Discounted iPhone 5 at Wal-Mart

The availability of discounted iPhone 5 at Wal-Mart is the most attractive opportunity for iPhone lovers. You will be amazed to know that iPhone 5, which is available for $199 at Apple’s store, can be purchased for just $27 at Wal-Mart but with a two years contract.

Now you must be thinking that why this recently launched gadget is available at this much low rate. If you are thinking the same then you must know that according to analysts, there can be various reasons behind this low-rate sales. Some of the possible reasons are as follows:

Get Great Deals on Gadgets at Wal-Mart Now

·   One of the major reasons is the unexpected sales trends of iPhone 5. It is true that sales of this gadget were remarkable in the initial weeks of its launch but later on, it decreased dramatically. The decrease in the sales of this gadget can be due to many reasons. It is possible that it did not fulfill the expectations of the users. Besides this, the release of iPad Mini, has also affected the sales of iPhone 5.

·  Another reason is that iPhone 5s, the updated version of iPhone 5, will be launched soon and will decrease the value of this gadget.

Whichever the accurate reason of decrease in sales and availability of this gadget at discounted rates, it is vital to understand that this is the right time to buy the gadget along with different iPhone 5 cases and other accessories to enjoy using gadget with style and safety.

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Discounts of Other Electronic Products

Besides providing discounts on the purchase of iPhone 5, Wal-Mart is offering this facility on various other electronic devices. The details of some of the products are as follows:

·         iPhone 4S for $47 whereas the market price is $89.97
·         16 GB Third Generation WiFi Tablet for $399
·         $30 iTunes Gift Cards for free
·         iPad 3 for $399 instead of $499