Thursday, January 10, 2013

Trust Apple to Launch iPhone 6 in 2013

Trust Apple to Launch iPhone 6 in 2013 - News circulating that the iPhone is the latest series is the next generation of iPhone 5 will be publicly announced by Apple. It was revealed after a lot of mass media spread the news. iPhone 6 is the latest smartphone generation of successful iPhone 5 introduced by apple and get incredible response.

I know the news from multiple media internet already busy preaching about these rumors and it made ​​me more confident and believe that soon will be introduced seriously.

Trust Apple to Launch iPhone 6 in 2013

The Next Web reports that one developer revealed that Apple had tested hardware is pointed out as the latest iPhone model 'iPhone 6.1'. This smartphone is expected to slide in the middle of this year.

The source also said that the iPhone, iPad, and iPhone touch the future will come with iOS operating system 7. The report shows that the iPhone is characterized by the development code 'iPhone 5.1' and 'iPhone 5.2', and it indicates that the Cupertino-based company is testing a device that anyarnya

If this is true then soon you will see the iPhone 6 will soon be in production and look at your favorite retail outlets. Smart phone's identity using the iPhone 6.1 operating system iOS 7 is expected to be launched in mid-2013.

To find out the latest news we will wait for further news on that information. Thank you for that we wait this exciting news. Please you choose the gadget of your choice and do not let the wrong choice.